Wednesday , August 17 2022

Data experts and why companies urgently need them


Data architect, scientist and web analyst. Inside and out of the field of digital marketing, Big Data's professional profiles are most required by companies. When digital becomes the core of business, we explain why it is essential to have the strategic role of the data architect, data researcher and web analyst.

What are the professional profiles related to analyzing data most searched by companies? Why are they asked for? Before Big Data arrived, we could upload the structured information that we stored in our company's CRM or ERP. Now we have additional information that is outside the domains of companies.

For Miguel Ángel Blanco Cedrun, Dean of Business School in Spain, "this kind of unstructured information grows very fast and to be useful, we need a very high processing power. It is estimated that the data estimated for Big Data will be multiplied by nearly three at the end of this year. Of the 3.1 zeta that was recorded in 2013 at 8.6 Zettabytes in 2018. This may translate into a higher demand for all Big Data profiles. "

Currently, we can say that there are three professional profiles related to Big Data:

1. The architect of the data. Who creates the structure of the programs with which the information is collected and processed. Its main objective is to analyze the architecture of the systems to make improvements. Some of the skills a data architect should have is to focus on details, problem solving or the ability to simplify. These profiles have a background in computer science, mathematics, physics or telecommunication. Some of the tools to be managed are Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Spark, Flink, SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL) and NoSQL (Hive, Couchbase, Redis, ElasticSearch, Solr). or advanced knowledge of data structures, applied data mines, and mechanical learning.

2. Scientists (data scientists). The data analyst analyzes, interprets and communicates the new trends in the area and transforms them into the company so that they can use them and thus adapt their products and services and create new business opportunities. He is responsible for the translation of information so that analysts can make decisions. For a data scientist profile, there is a need for statistical knowledge that a programmer does not usually have and knowledge on a computer that a statistician does not usually use. Within this profile, we make the difference between math-oriented professionals and statisticians and those coming from the field of artificial intelligence and learning in the car. This profile should bring together knowledge of mathematics, statistics and programming, and also be very familiar with the business sector for which they work, and be a good communicator to transfer the data they interpret.

3. Data analyst is one of the professional profiles most demanded by today's companies. It is who is responsible for processing information and drawing conclusions that help improve the results. These professionals are the ones who know how to extract the patterns of user behavior and know why they act in a way. And, in the end, it's what companies are looking for, knowing what they can not improve. Web analysts are not just scientists, mathematicians, or statistics specialists, but there are many who come from the career, such as advertising, journalism, affairs, marketing, or letter careers. Currently, all sectors need analysts who can interpret data and have a business perspective. In this profile, you need knowledge both for specific tools and for business.

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