Wednesday , September 28 2022

Eln attacks on Cesar left more injured and incinerated vehicles



Cesar authorities reported yesterday ELN attacks. Attacks left more people injured, incinerated vehicles and a bridge destroyed with explosive cargo.

The guerrillas would also have graffiti alludes to the subversive group in several trucks, intermunicipal buses and an ambulance.

The first of them, on the road connecting the cities of Besote and La Mata, La Gloria, south of Cesar, when several men armed with military clothing stopped vehicles traveling through the sector and burned a tractor. Six people were injured and more vehicles were burned.

Another case was recorded on the road linking the municipalities of San Roque and Curumani, south of Cesar, where five people were injured.

There was also a blast of a bridge between the La Mata-Besote road. For the time being, Cesar authorities have not provided details of the attacks in the south of the department.

The day of simultaneous attacks, joins the wave of violence that has lived in southern Cesar lately. Just a month ago, two uniforms were killed by an explosive charge that was activated on the way to La Gloria-Pelaya. It is not clear who is responsible for this attack, but it is known that in this area, ELL's Camilo Torres front operates, possibly responsible for these recent attacks in the department.


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