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He captured the alleged killer of the young Venetian in Cartagena


This is Frank Eduardo Mosquera Bolaños, who, according to the authorities, pleaded guilty.

De Angelica María Cassiani Barrios

In the prison in San Sebastián de Ternera, Frank Eduardo Mosquera Bolaños, alias "El Frank", was sent, which, according to the authorities, is held responsible for the brutal murder of Richard Alejandro Orduño Aldana, which took place early Monday morning inside a restaurant, located in the San Fernando neighborhood, south of the city.

Capturing the 42-year-old film "The Frank," caused media exposure, which was the headquarters security film, where Mosquera has been repeatedly observed, cruelly and cruelly struck Orduño Aldana's head with a track iron. Also, due to the pressure exerted by Cartagena Metropolitan Police, who, through an extensive search fence at the Ciudadela 2000 neighborhood, managed to identify the subject.

The authorities said the alleged killer, seeing he could not escape, as the whole community waited for his search for "licking" and felt surrounded by uniformed policemen, abandoning himself voluntarily.

Moments in which the pseudonym

The moments in which the pseudonym "The Frank" hits wildly with an iron rail for the young Venetian Richard Alejandro Orduño Aldana.

"El Frank" was presented to the Prosecutor's Office attached to the Court, and after hearing the indictment, the judge issued an intramural insurance measure against him for the crime of murder.

Richard Alejandro Ortuño Aldana, the victim of this aberrant fact, was a Venezuelan lawyer who, due to the situation in his country, decided to come to Cartagena with his sister and nephew in search of a better future.

The 23-year-old, working as a night guard in the restaurant where he was killed four months ago.

The relatives of the deceased today came from the neighboring country to claim the body of their lover, who was moved to Venezuela by Thursday evening, where they would give him a Christian burial.

"I learned about Richard's death and the capture of the killer." The divine righteousness has arrived, and the demon who killed my boyfriend with blows is already behind bars, but no one will turn our smile, fidelity and the good man who was my little one, as I said about the affection of my great friend, "said Julieta Guerrero, a friend of the victim, between tears.

The face of the alleged killer was exposed in the security cameras' movie on the premises.

The face of the alleged killer was exposed in the security cameras' movie on the premises.

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