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Health: Only 10% of patients with lung cancer survive the disease


November 17, 2018, 13:45.

In the world, nearly 1.7 million people are diagnosed with lung cancer each year according to World Health Organization.

It is estimated that, after being diagnosed, only 10% of the patients were diagnosed lung cancer Survives after five years.

The situation in Peru it is not different, because it is disease causes more than 2,500 deaths each year with regions of the country Tumbes, Lima and Callao, lso as to record a larger number of cases. These figures make him the second leading cause of death cancer in the country, second only to stomach cancer

Karla Ruiz, executive director of the Esperantra Patients Association, said that in our country the large number of deaths is due to the fact that, in most cases, lung cancer It is detected in advanced stages and in older people 65 years of age.

In addition, patients have limited access to medical treatments more efficient, which are already available in our country and which have encouraging results.

In turn, Dr. Carlos Carracedo, the medical director of the Allied Clinic, has indicated that there is treatments innovators who have had good results and that could help save thousands of lives each year.

Today we have therapies that generate a higher level of adherence in patients with cancer, because they reduce the discomfort that often prevents patients from completing treatment and, therefore, they health to deteriorate, "said the expert.

The expert indicated that the probability of suffering lung cancer It is about 1 in every 15 men and 1 in every 17 women, considering smokers and non-smokers.

However, smoking is the main risk factor of this phenomenon disease; in the face of other factors such as genetic predisposition, air pollution and exposure to certain chemicals, such as asbestos and radon.

"The smoking habit is responsible for 70% of the deaths caused by this disease, due to the large amount of cigarette-containing toxic substances that affect not only smokers but also other adults and children that they are exposed to the smoke they emit without smoking. Therefore, we must continue to be aware of this element that is so damaging to health– Dr. Carracedo said.

The specialist mentioned that, while the symptoms lung cancer are nonspecific, people can detect some warning signs such as chest pain, coughing, feeling weak, weight loss, difficulty in breathing and the presence of blood in the cough.

In the International Day of Lung Cancer, Ruiz invites people diagnosed with this disease, their families and the general public to participate in this organization, which for 13 years has provided support in various areas.

There I can receive free of charge information about pathology, emotional, nutritional and legal support, among other services. It should be noted that this institution is trying to guide the population to prevent and control it were not transmissible.

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