Tuesday , March 21 2023

His body was destroyed on the asphalt: a cold and wet end in Santander


Macabre and frightening was the end of a biker identified as Carlos Alfonso Muñoz Pérez for 39 years in the events that took place on Sunday, near the Madrid-El Palenque road in the municipality of Giron, Santander. Authorities investigate what happened.

According to the first version of the events, Carlos drove around 3:30 am an Auteco motorcycle with DDX-79B plates in a north-south direction in the sector, on arrival at the 11 + 130 km nearby On the return Sacetes, for the purposes of the investigation, lost control of the moped and hit a tree.

The sharp blow took his life instantly: his body was on the separator along with the helmet. Paramedics who came to attend the emergency could not do anything to revive him. The first hypothesis addressed by the authorities is that Carlos Alfonso has driven the motorcycle into a state of poisoning and speeding up, yet all of these are verification issues.

Also, it is not excluded that a decrease in the route caused Carlos to lose control of the run to collapse. The lack of witnesses keeps everything in suspense. For now, security cameras are searched in the sector to clarify what happened.

It seems the victim was going to his house in the neighborhood of El Reposo de Floridablanca when the accident happened. There he lived with his parents, his sister and nephew, who learned a little more than two hours after it happened, and today they complain of his departure. It was established that he was a local from Rionegro, Santander.

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