Tuesday , June 28 2022

Instagram has embedded voice memos in chat


Instagram continues to take huge steps in the industry of innovation and technology, thanks to its constant Updates provided in your internal service for each registered user.

Every novelty presented by the application is received positively by internet users who have indicated this Instagram is very much like Whatsapp due to the changes you've made to your system.

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After allowing a considerable time extension in videos, stamps stickers, inserting links, sending photos and video clips via direct messages, the photo platform included in its tools a new function in the chats, with which users can send voice notes.

However, although the app did not generate this innovation in all profiles, they reported more people the efficiency of this service compared to that of another application who also has this option.

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To access this feature, Internet users need to enter the direct messages and open any of the chats they have in the time bar. Here you can see that, in addition to the "GIF" tool, and a microphone in the lower bar appears (near the blue camera and the image icon).

For the user to work properly, the user must hold down this button and continue to speak so that it is properly recorded. At the time of sending, the person must be released and the message stays automatically in the chat.

There is still no detail about this instrument and about when it will be available, as it was recorded on other occasions, Instagram performs tests with certain profiles over a period of time.

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