Sunday , May 16 2021

Mobile operator Avantel launched a high-definition calling service

Calls will always keep the 4G LTE connection

Johan Chiquiza Nonsoque – [email protected]

Mobile operator Avantel has announced the arrival of what they call high definition calls, which is characterized by always keeping the connection in 4G LTE.

"The commonly used call service is developed using GSM or UMTS networks, which often yields low quality, more interference, and long connection times of up to 10 seconds. Similarly, during a traditional call, the 4G network is always down to 3G, which makes navigation slower, especially when you need to use the network while you're talking on the phone, "the company said in a statement.

Among the elements that stand out through the arrival of these calls, the brand promises to eliminate ambient noise and a connection of up to three seconds in them.

To access this technology, the requirements are:
They have 4G coverage.
A 4G smartphone compatible with the Volte – 4G call technology available at Avantel stores.
A 4G Sim voice card you already have, if you do not have to go to Avantel for a new one.
Update the latest software downloaded to Smartphone.


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