Saturday , August 13 2022

Natti Natasha criticized that she was not singing "pajamas" to children with cancer



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Singer Natti Natasha visited a children's hospital in Ecuador, where she played the song "Sin Pijama"

Natti Natasha He visited a group of children from Ecuador's Cancer Fighting Society (Solca) and took the opportunity to interpret the success of "No Pajama," triggering a wave of criticism over social networks, according to Radio Formulea.

Javier Llabreras's Saved clip on Facebook shows that the Dominican girl asks children to follow the famous choir Becky G, so users of this social network found it offensive and expressed their opinion in the same post.

"What a horrible song, having so many children's songs," could have sang with whom he has OZUN"" This disgust "and" the hypocrite who criticizes her, she just makes happy children, she does not pay attention to the play, "there are some comments of the publication.

Because of the high-sex lyrics, users have reproached the choice Natti Natasha due to the circumstances that children transit through the hospital.

The official release of the movie "No Pajama" was released on April 20, 2018 and surpassed in a few months one billion billions of views on YouTube, with its sensuality and rhythm being one of the most listened topics this year on the platform.

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