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Netflix and Spotify are also adapting and increasing subscriptions between 25% and 40%


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Companies have begun adjusting their subscriptions to the tape floating system that opened the dollar in October last year. How the process will continue

afterés of close two months into the that dorAnd It looks like be cormode into the strategy of administrationorn of bands. two higher platforms of streaming that they operate into the Argentine. Netflix for video and Spotify for múthe music. they started to adjust their fertilizers.

Netflix she He did. that this is his custom. to través of a release official that. then. you goto coming to customers that you have into the byeís. A from of now. plan btoSICO that it includes sorshe a screen go upto to $149. sttondard. that It includes two screens. It is adjustto up $210 and prize. that It allows it includes four screens to time Ademtos of UHD. go upto up $299.

It is It is of a increase of close 25% post that prices previous from fertilizer It is place into the $110, $169. value from service of compaorto that. It is pixy. It has 4 millions of subscribers into the byeís. not It is updated from August of 2017. When dorAnd into the as one then I was hanging $17. today badge listed into the lathe to $37.

adjustment applied now eastto far away toún from increase from dorAnd of mtos of 100% that standor that currency into the This one toñor and a lot mtos of those $17 of August from toñor last one.

of that. those enter This one Thursday 15 of November to ptogina official of Netflix These are visitors to try spillorn free of charge of a month and to from from 15 of December Fr.ormaximum to payment new values.

"with supportorsito of offer the best the experience of entertainment with mtos Títitles exclusive (…) and improve the experience worldwide of Netflix for help to member to find something brilliant for see toún mtos rtoI ask you. Netflix adjustto cost of his subscriptionorn monthly. plan btoSICO with accession to 1 screen increaseto to $ 149 ARS. plan standard with 2 screens to time and technologyíto HD now beto of $ 219 ARS and plan prize with 4 screens to time and UHD beto of $ 299. úlast one time that Netflix adjustmentsor their prices into the Argentine was into the August of 2017" affirmor compaorto to través of a release.

another compaorto that sí I decidedor adjust price of his fertilizer to from of This one 1° of November last one was Spotify but for those new subscribers. plan family hill today $149 against $103.5 that seeíto cost up now. hereí It is warn a increase of mtos of 40 of one hundred.

into the September last one. and then of that dorAnd will defeat barrier of $40. appeared infinite of speculation on cost that takeía services. but nothing of that took placeor into the that time. both companies They've decided keep into the same values their fertilizers. although free explain reasons of determinationorn.

part of that speculationorn It is GENERor not sorshe of up of badge North America but alsoén because banks these include into the different ways costs from service: many often report into the his the home banking cost from service taking into the account quoteorn from díto. she that after that that prices It is modified daily. following ups and downs from market. but. to time of publish report final. that value It is Manteníto into the weights. such a that contract that one "Company" When adhere to prestaciorn of mode on line.

Exist other reasons. free embargo. for consider adjustment of prices taking into the account she that eastto working into the market. Movistar. that after 20 díI would Lanzor of mode official his service Movistar TV. already It includes to Netflix into the his batch of Internet. Phoneíto and televisionorn. strategy that from after mtos of two toñyou applyor Telecentro. When was First into the it includes to king from streaming into the his combo of services.

The flow. service of Telecom/Cablevisiorn. alsoén prevé incorporate to Netflix into the his proposal Multiservice.

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