Wednesday , August 17 2022

PlacetoPay introduced the Cyberlunes balance and recommended to prepare for Black Friday


PlacetoPay, platform for digital payments in Colombia, reported that Cyberlunes he had 25% increase in transactions and 35% of the traded amount, which translates into more than 183,000 transactions, for a value of $ 53,000 million. These results coincide with those expected by the company before the special day. The average purchase was $ 292,000. In addition, the credit card remains the preferred payday on this day, accounting for 68% of the number of transactions processed in these two days.

"The end of the year is one of the most powerful seasons of the e-commerce industry. The Cyberlunes balance is positive and we are also ready for Black Friday, in which important discounts are offered by brands. However, it is essential that stakeholders are careful to make purchases safe, it is a responsibility of all to check promotions in stores and not to trust disproportionate discounts. Virtual stores also have to work with experienced payment platforms and security certifications, such as PCI, the highest international standard available for PlacetoPay for 5 years ", said the director of the PlacetoPay team, Ricardo García.

According to PlacetoPay, the increase in operations at these special dates may account for up to 60% compared to a normal day of the month, depending on the brand and the discounts offered by them. Making a comparison with Cyberlunes in April 2018, this digital pay-per-view platform found that the increase in operations was 27%, reflecting confidence in users and brands joining this special day of discounts.

"Acquisition growth demonstrates changing mentality and opening up new markets. Undoubtedly, it is an important development," he said. PlacetoPay's Ricardo García managed to extend their lead to 3 – 0! The Colombian consumer has also checked the convenience and security of virtual purchases, avoiding travel, taking advantage of time and excellent deals.

Recommendations for Black Friday:

  • Beware of disproportionate reductions.
  • Plan your purchases, clarify what you need to buy and what are the market prices.
  • Check your virtual store promotion by entering the site directly to avoid misleading advertising.
  • Verify that the virtual store or payment provider is certified in the PCI-DSS (the highest international standard for security of electronic payments) that will be required in Colombia by the Financial Supervisor of December 2018.
  • Do not use dubious reliability Wi-Fi connections: Choose networks that are password-protected and trustworthy.
  • These days travel agencies discount airline tickets for certain destinations. It is important to read carefully the information that is usually conditioned by certain data.
  • The green lock icon, located at the top left of payment sites, helps identify trusted pages.
  • Update your system and applications. This will allow you to be protected because security providers will correct any threats that have existed in applications in previous versions.
  • Always keep your keys safe, do not repeat them, or use them for different accounts

This is how Ricardo García, the manager of PlacetoPay, explained:

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