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Review: iPhone XR | Infogate


Recently announced by Apple together with XS XS and XS XS Max, the new one iPhone XR It went on sale a few weeks ago in Chile and promises to be one of our favorite gifts in this coming Christmas. Despite being the "iPhone of the economic range" (compared to XS and XS Max), we could say that it meets all the expectations an average user might require, having an operating system A12 Bionic, which in simple words translates into better performance and better fluency when using large caliber applications such as games, augmented reality applications, videos or daily multitasking.

Like the iPhone 8 Plus, the XR has an LCD screen with a slightly lower resolution compared to it. However, it is offset by 6.1 cm Liquid HD Retina with the backlit screen at the edges of the device. As in the iPhone X, in this model, 3D Touch has been removed and replaced by the new technology Face ID, which scans the user's face, providing greater security with facial recognition when unlocking the device, shopping in the Apple Store, opening applications, or making purchases online.

At first it seems much more complicated to jump from an iPhone to Press the 3D key to identify the face but the change becomes almost automatic and, finally, becoming accustomed to it costs nothing, because in addition to the home screen buttons quick access for flashlight and room (apparently two of the features most demanded by users), in addition to easy access to control center on the top right of the screen.

battery assures an autonomy of just over an hour compared to the iPhone 8 Plus and in daily use this is effective even if you use multiple screens simultaneously, including music or videos. It can be charged via the USB cable or the Qi wireless charger (not included).

It also includes the dual SIM option (ie from nano-SIM and also an eSIM)

You do not have to pay for expensive photo equipment or be a professional photographer to take good photos and this was one of the major concerns of the creators of the new smartphone game and that's why the 12MP iPhone XR camera brings an embedded feature TrueDepth with a lens opening that goes from f1.4 to f16 which offers a greater depth in portrait mode and front camera f28 (adjustable) to get that professional touch of our catches. On the other hand, thanks to the A12 Bionic Face in HDR mode, perfect harmony is achieved between light and shadow play. On the other hand, videos are recorded in HD 4K and 1080px, which does not mean it takes up more space in the phone because the iPhone's operating system automatically compresses them.

In short: the new iPhone XR is a versatile smartphone with a good size to handle with one hand and has an enhanced camera that offers more illuminated colors, synchronized perfectly with AirPods And with Apple Watch.

presentation: colors yellow, white, coral, black, blue and (product) network

capacity: 64, 128, and 256 GB

Relative price (Reifstore): from $ 749990 for 64 GB and $ 899990 for 256 GB.

Here we leave some samples of photos in normal mode, portrait mode and self-captured iPhone XR camera:

Here's a summary of your general specifications iPhone XR


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