Tuesday , January 19 2021

That's how Elif's actress grew up! You will be surprised by these photos from Instagram

One of the most popular and most popular productions he's talking about is Elif.

It was also one of the longest that has been broadcast and has almost 800 episodes.

The novel was officially launched in 2014 and although it began to be transmitted years later in our country.

Isabella Damla Güvenilir, who enters the adolescent stage, is well remembered by this character and is currently close to the age of 10.

Isabelle was born in the United States, although the truth is that he also has Turkish citizenship.

In addition to our country, production has been successful in countries like Indo

Production centralizes the plot in a small part that is separated from its mother and to end, it must suffer the hatred of its father.

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IN ÇOK PEMBE BENDE? @ Esrefakgun84 @rihamegzo #pembegiymechallenge

A common publication a Isabella Damla Guvenilir (@Isabelladamlaguvenilir)

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A common publication a Isabella Damla Guvenilir (@Isabelladamlaguvenilir)

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