Friday , January 27 2023

The resale age for "superfinal" between Boca and the river


They ask scandalous prices for a ticket to the final. Yesterday confirmed dates: November 10 and 24.

Fever for a ticket to participate in the historic superfinance between Boca and the River for Copa Libertadores has already been unleashed in Argentina, where tickets are offered up to forty times the usual price.

A Bombonera plateau will be one of the most inflated "xenosees" in the first finals, offering up to 118,000 pesos (about $ 3,200, about 10 million pesos, about).

A place in the popular bank of the Monumental to participate in the decisive party starts at 50,000 pesos (about 1,350 dollars, about 4 million, approximately).

As a reference, in the match between Boca and Palmeiras for qualifying in the final, the club offered seats in Bombonera at 732 pesos (about 90 dollars, 286 thousand pesos, approximately) and general 320 pesos (about 8, 50 dollars, 27 thousand pesos, about).

Ticket sales are reserved for each club, and any offer outside of these channels is illegal. However, there is a proliferation of offers on websites.

Conmebolo confirmed the date of the two matches of the final, La ida will be played on Saturday, November 10, at Bombonera and returning to Monumental on Saturday, November 24th. Both sides without public bias visit for security reasons.

The official sale for the first match started yesterday afternoon. According to the schedule set by Boca Juniors by tomorrow, the sale will be exclusively for the subscribers at the stalls and Thursday will be offered general seats. Lucky people will have access to a ticket left on Friday.

In all cases, sales are made by electronic means and each partner can access up to two places. Since the partners "xeneizes" four times the capacity of the legendary Boca stadium for around 53,000 spectators, the club usually sets filters to authorize purchases as a minimum number of matches over a given period.

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