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The testimony of witnesses who witnessed the explosion at the Káli Prosecutor's Office


November 02, 2018 – 01:35.


Writing El País

Some witnesses, who were close to the prosecution on Friday at noon near the explosion, told El País the moment of panic and despair. These are his stories:

María Matilde Durango, official of Gobernación

"I was on the traffic light that came to the governor's office after arriving at Calle 10 in Carrera 5, the San Francisco Church." They began to say, "back, back." , people screamed and told the driver how fucking he was.

However, a few minutes later, a very large red flame came out. He felt when the brick fell and the smoke began to get out of the building. They heard gunshots and people began to say there were more bombs there. A policeman shouted that there was another inside.

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Then the driver reached Carrera 4 and started telling the rest of the cars that there was a bomb. At that moment another explosion was heard.

Where the explosion was, there were many. Then I talked to the legal manager of the building whom he was hanging for the second time, he was very nervous and asked me to be okay.

Wilson Augusto, a resident of the sector

"He sat on the steps of the San Francisco Church and sounded very powerful, and a lot of smoke came out.

I went to help people who left the building. Then they started to play soft, but very close firecrackers. The atmosphere was depressing. The firefighters began to extinguish the candle that was in the building. "

Dealers from Cali center

"I was approaching the headquarters of the prosecutor's office when there were more explosions, I was too scared, people panic and running in different directions," says one trader.

Another owner of the business near the venue said, "I sold candles right next to the building when they started exploding the glass of the second floor, I did not notice anything but just run out."

The fact

At Metropolitan Police, at noon on Friday, he declined an explosion in the center of the prosecution in central Cali to launch a terrorist attack.

The emergency was shown at 11:55 am in Calle 10's Justice Building, Carrera 6, in front of the San Francisco Plazoleta. Several debris were in front of the building.

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