Friday , March 31 2023

There were no cyanide traces found in Jorge Pizano's tissues: Prosecutor's Office Colombia


Director of Forensic Medicine, Carlos Valdés, said yesterday that in the body of engineer Jorge Enrique Pizano, the key witness of the Odebrecht case died last week, there were no traces of cyanide, so the original version remains that his death was caused by a heart attack.

The samples analyzed, Valdés said, were taken to San Rafael de Facatativá Hospital, where he arrived after a visit to the Subachoque health center, the city where the Corficolombiana examiner lived.

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His son, Alejandro Pizano, died of cyanide after drinking water from a bottle he was supposed to find on his father's desk. For this reason, additional tests were commissioned at the initial necropsy, which indicated that his death was caused by a heart attack.

"The analysis was carried out in parallel by two laboratories (one of Ibagué and one from Bogotá) accredited at the Institute." The result was negative for cyanide. "No cyanide was found in any of the tissues or in the solution containing them. , the cause of death is still determined by Facatitive Hospital once clinical necropsy has been made, "Valdés said.

It should be remembered that legal medicine reported that Alejandro Pizano, son of Jorge Enrique Pizano, died of cyanide ingestion.

"The evidence collected in Alejandro's parents' home indicates that the victim would have found cyanide in a bottle of flavored water," the Prosecutor's Office said.

Family statement

The family of Jorge Enrique and Alejandro Pizano, who died on Thursday and Sunday respectively, call for respect for public opinion and ensure that they will not make statements on judicial issues because they are going through a "painful situation."

In a statement signed by wife Inés Elvira Ponce de León and their daughters Juanita and Maria Carolina, they assure that they will not talk about judicial matters, because Jorge Enrique "has given the documents to the correspondent entities and we, the family, have nothing else to do contribute ".

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The tragedy of the Pizano family has gained the magnitude of a national scandal due to the documentary evidence that Jorge Enrique Pizano has left of his knowledge of the bribe payment by Odebrecht in 2015.

Even more so, because these tests, which he has informed today, the prosecutor general Néstor Humberto Martínez, when he was practicing as a lawyer for Corficolombiana, one of the companies of the concessionaire Ruta del Sol 2, would not have echoed when he arrived to the accuser's leadership a year later

Pizano came to this discovery after confirming in 2013 that there were inconsistencies between the contracts audited by him and the real payments that emerged in the treasury, which highlighted a number of double or invisible contract objects worth more than 24 billion euro. pesos, what the lawyer Martínez did not hesitate to call "bribe" in the audiences released by the deceased.

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