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This is how Gerardo Pelusso left as a coach from Cali. universality


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The decision had been made a few days ago, but it was kept secret because both coach Gerardo Pelusso and managers at Deportivo Cali hope that this little skill will be given Sunday on the last day of the tournament. against everyone.

But it was not like that. Deportivo Cali won 1-0 at Pasto and came out of the quarterfinals. The other results he was expected to have been given were negative for his interests and precipitated the technician's decision to withdraw.

Once the match against Grass ended, Pelusso took refuge in the club with his players, making an initial decision: he will not go to the press conference to feed the press that has waited vigorously for his appearance at the venue. conferences, with specific questions about their future.

Pelusso told the closest collaborators that he would not speak at a press conference because the step he would take after the results presented in sports was defined.

After a few minutes, with long faces in the locker room, a silence that occupies this cabinet, so much sadness for another failure and many nerves for the angry reaction of fans, players, coaching staff and managers, They got on the bus to take the road to Pance's headquarters, where final decisions would be made.

On a police escort trip, nobody spoke on the bus. Rather, it was a nervousness about a possible reaction of fans from any street or corner of the city.

Meanwhile, President Juan Fernando Mejía's mobile phone did not stop calling, especially from the press, and the answer was the same: "There is no decision made on Professor Pelusso, the same night or tomorrow."

However, by the technician's chief and passed a specific idea. "The teacher was very beaten, very sad, for him it was very hard not to give Deportivo Cali a good time because he loved the team very much, in fact he always says that Cali is among the best institutions in South America, "he said. a source consulted by El País.

When board unit arrived at Pance after 10 o'clock, Pelusso and President Mejía did not have to talk much to agree that the conditions were not given for a coach's continuity.

Pelusso recalled that he assured that after the last time, depending on the situation in Cali, whether he qualified or not, he made a decision about his future. "If the results are not good, I left alone without anyone throwing me out," he said recently at his latest press conference, which sounded goodbye.

That is why on the night of Sunday, Pelusso told Mejía: "We do not have to speak again, President." They then agreed to make a statement to officially release the Uruguayan ranger from the technical leadership of the team.

Thus, the Pelusso cycle ended in Deportivo Cali, a year in which the team failed in the four tournaments they played: two Colombian leagues, one Copa Sudamericana and one Copa Colombia.

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