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Tolima scores and goals Santa Fe, Quarter Finals – Colombian Football – Sports


Santa Fe made the effort, equaled the series, returned to win as a visitor, this time to the champion, Deportes Tolima, but in the jump-off from the penalty spot missed two allegations and ended his participation in the League 2018 -II. The balance is negative. Today, the team directed by Guillermo Sanguinetti does not take place in international tournaments. Only if he wins the South American Cup, for which he will have to overcome a 0-2 against Junior. Tolima, again, is in the semifinal.

It was a dynamic match with an offensive vocation from both teams. Tolima did not want to give total control of the ball to Santa Fe, which needed to match the series.

However, Tolima had the best options to open the score in 15 minutes by Daniel Cataño and Marcó Pérez had the opportunity to score, the cardinal had no clarity to disturb Álvaro Montero.

But, as in the game that did not get much more, but Santa was out of the box, it was advantageous. And he managed with a very similar goal with three titles: one from Carlos Arboleda to send the ball in the area, another from Héctor Urrego to put in the center and another one from Arboleda to defeat goalkeeper Álvaro Montero. There were only 21 minutes in the first half.

Tolima took the ball and began to play back, looking to wear his rival, gradually approached Solis's goal, but in the last quarter of the court was unregulated and facilitated the task of marking Santa Fe defenders.

The homeowner had an unbeatable opportunity to bind his commitment, 44 minutes was a foul on the edge of the area, Yohandry Orozco's charge led him to a placement, but Miguel Solis's response was spectacular, the cardinal goalkeeper and shortened to auction, with this game confirmed the partial victory of Santa Fe and so went to rest.

Stamina red

Tolima went out to impose conditions, fill the spaces and develop a clear offensive game, in the hands of Venezuelan Yohandry Orozco approached the cardinal goal, sometimes Santa Fe resorted to the lack of stopping the intention of the headquarters.

Searching for superiority in the creative phase Technician Alberto Gamero ordered Omar Albornoz's entry, changing the module while removing Carlos Rentería and leaving with two brands and three shipowners.

Santa Fe survived and did a good job of doubling the brand, the advanced lines at Tolima and betting on overloading to find Marco Pérez's location in the visitor area.

Tolima was the desire and the speed, forced the opponent to get the best results from the repertoire to cool the game, it seemed that the champion's goal was near the arrival of the constant landings in the red area.

Vinotinto and Oro put an end to the rival, harassing Solis, who received positive responses when asked. In the midst of a torrential rain, Cardinals took the caste and defended their victory with which they closed for 90 minutes. Everything was defined with regard to sanctions, and there Tolima took the championship hierarchy to stay in competition. The red effort has not reached.

Tolima 0, Santa Fe 1

Tolima: Álvaro Montero (6); Nilson Castrillon (7), Julian Quiñones (6), Luis Payares (6), Danovis Banguero (7); Carlos Robles (6), Rafael Carrascal (7), Carlos Renteria (6), Daniel Cataño (7), Yohandry Orozco (7); Marco Pérez (5). DT: Alberto Gamero

Santa Fe: Miguel Solís (7); Carlos Arboleda (6), Héctor Urrego (6), Carlos Henao (6), Leyvin Balanta (6); Yeison Gordillo (6), Baldomero Perlaza (7), Juan Daniel Roa (6), Facundo Guichón (6); Wilson Morelo (7), Arley Rodriguez (5). DT: Guillermo Sanguinetti.

party: good.

Changes in Tolima: Omar Albornoz (6) by Carlos Rentería (13 ST), Robin Ramirez by Daniel Cataño (40 ST).

Changes in Santa Fe: Luis Manuel Seijas by Facundo Guichón (27), Diego Guastavino by Arley Rodríguez (34 ST), Sebastián Salazar by Juan Daniel Roa (43 ST).

Santa Fe's Purpose: Arboleda (19 PT).

Admitted in Tolima: Julian Quiñones (38 PT), Carlos Robles (35). Admitted in Santa Fe: Arley Rodríguez (29 PT), Yeison Gordillo (45 PT), Facundo Guichón (23), Juan Daniel Roa (37). expelled: It was not.

detail: Tolima won 4-2 in the penultimate penalty.

Figure: Yohandry Orozco (7).

stadium: Manuel Murillo Toro. support: 22,000 viewers, about.
Box office: Not provided. referee: Bismarks Santiago (6).


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