Saturday , May 28 2022

Veeduría will ask for government audit for the local Hisgaura bridge


According to a photo report issued by the Invias National Road Institute, on the Hisgaura Bridge, citizens and authorities have begun to doubt the stability and security that this ambitious work could offer.

Due to the above, a surveillance of the Bucaramanga Chamber of Commerce, CCB, was moved to the Curos-Málaga road site to conduct an on-site inspection.

Juan Carlos Rincón Liévano, vice president of regional investment development for CCB, told Vanguardia Liberal that during the tour, which was made with two engineers, "it was actually noticed that when it reached the Hisgaura Bridge, the visual appreciation more questions, and from the visual point of view it is not what we are accustomed to, and here comes the big question, what needs to be done at this moment to give peace of mind. "

According to Rincón Liévano, engineers have come to the conclusion that although there are no cracks or repairs on the bridge, it is worrying to see the structure on its sides. In other words, with a decrease that was appreciated precisely in the Invias report.

For this reason, the Vice-President for Regional Investment Development of the BCC, estimated that the National Government should be required to take immediate action to have a structural audit. The idea is to receive satisfactorily a work of this nature. We can not ignore the significant investments that were made, there were 100 billion pesos and therefore deserve to be delivered under the best conditions.

In addition, Rincón Liévano said he would ask for information to see what is happening with the loading tests, because so far they have not been completed and it has been more than two months since the managers completed their construction work.

Today it is expected that members of the oversight and representatives of the CCB will make known the demand and concerns encountered during the visit to the National Government.

Interventoria talked about the drop

The Liberal Vanguard tried to communicate several times with ETA, commissioned by Hisgaura Bridge, to have a more detailed knowledge of the debris that had taken place. Although they did not respond to calls, in a radial interview, experts explained that these sinuosities are normal in cable-suspended bridges, such as Hisgaura. "This is common in this type of structure due to the flexibility of these bridges. At each stage, the geometry of the board changes and is well known at the end when it closes in the center and the cables are tense," said Samuel Montero, ETA. He also added that "engineers will understand that the modulus of elasticity of the concrete is very variable, factors such as cable temperature and others, causing calculations to go wrong as planned."

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