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At Ostravice village in Beskydy people dajn spatile medvda


In the village of Ostravice in the Beskydy Mountains

In Ostravice village, in the Beskydy Mountains, guests have received beef. / Photo Illustrator

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In Ostravice village, in the Beskydy Mountains, guests have received beef. The village warned on its internet pages. According to Milan Orlk of the East European Prologue Association (SOP), he is stupid at the mercy of witnesses. However, it is not enough to invite visitors a few times in Vsetnsko. In the Beskydy Mountains, by trace, two are medvdi, Orlek said.

"We are aware of Ostravice inhabitants and on November 15, 2018, around 8:00, there was a border between Ostravice village and the citizens of the countryside to take care of their personal safety," said Ostravice deputies in the village. At first, according to the information, there was also a general radio station.

Mayor Pavlnea Stankayov added that the guest of a hotel in the village of Eladn invited the visitor to the forest. "We were informed by hotel staff, even 15 photographers, so we were informed about the ad.

According to Milan Orlko, the validity of testimonies is very important. "Under the influence of city information there are people who can see anywhere in the forest," he said. But, according to her, it is not forbidden that the bear from Valaska and the Beskydy of Moravia and Silea. I, however, invites the species, his trail trails float. "In addition to the young man in Vsetnska, who is young and probably not the right travel, one of the hunters moves in the hills and his tracks are somewhat irrelevant, probably elma and a star," he said.

Young people, perhaps on the corner of the bear, are in the Valaska region, ranging from. According to experts, the breed is atypical, walking in the vicinity of human dwellings and shyness. In the county, he killed a few sheep, goats, cocks and cocks and destroyed a few lbs. The guys and hunters hoped to catch them in a cage they had installed in Vsetnsk. Two governors of Zlin Ji unek County (KDU-SL) spoke about the deputy. It was a bag, the bear was trapped, where it could be in the Temelna Rescue Station operated by the zoo in Hluboká nad Vltavou. The invitation was invoked by the zoo in Belgium.


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