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Babyboom continues: The moderator Breakfast with New announced the pregnancy


Iveta Kořínková boasts a joyful novelty.

Iveta Kořínková boasts a joyful novelty. Photo: instagram I. Corinthians

22 November 2018 19:00

A joyful novelty. It was a popular breakfast recipe with New. Iveta Kořínková (34), who has announced her favorite morning show for ten years, has told her fans that she is pregnant. The blessed state managed to keep it on the screen until the fourth month.

"Who would have said it. A classic black and white photo and it's my favorite, "Kořínková added on the social network to the ultrasound in her hand. Iveta, who is presenting the show alongside Aleš Lehký, joins with her colleague Mrs. Theresa Jandová and reporter Marcel Škábová, who recently welcomed their babies to the world.

Kořínková looks forward to her first child. There was nothing on the screen yet, and her slowly growing tummy was able to hide under loose clothing.

After publishing the news, she congratulated not only fans but also colleagues from work. "Then Ivetko! I'll find out the last one! This is a message, sir, from the realm of dreams !!! Powerfully, I hold my thumbs and I think of you! So to you, "said Iveta moderator Michal Jančařík (43).

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