Friday , January 22 2021

Before the Sparta Card: Goals and then Red. They were hell, he said Budínský Pražané

Petr Sznapka. CTK

Was your red card action?

I do not know … Ďurica breaks Masopust's leg and plays cheerfully, and I go for it. Maybe we hit him a little, but I slipped there. Who knows me, he knows I'm not a thief I want to shoot. The referee told me he did not want to give me a yellow and then he ran away and received a red card that it was a tough game. Make everyone to imagine yourself

But you had a little above your head …

It was bigger, but where should I? Can not hide, I went after the ball and scratched it a little over the calf or what it was. Then he starts screaming and the judge examines him. I went to the balloon, I certainly did not want to hurt Vatajela.

Will not you find it unfair? Similar slides are more for a round of the league and end with a yellow card.

If Derby Sparta and Slavia were to be the same, both teams would play at five against five. Unfortunately, so judged by the judge and I will not do anything, others have to resolve it.

Even the punishment you marked from the main goal was judged by the referee as to the video. Was it clear from the stand that he looked off the field?

We have all seen the procedure, I do not understand that this has to be explored. But the video is good and if the referee has the option, he used it. He probably did not want to hurry and confirmed the punishment.

You played Sparta in the first half. Have you changed your punishment?

Yeah, I was at the laf, and Sparta did not let us down. Sometimes they put us in some combinations, but they did not do anything serious. Perhaps, perhaps, the Rock. It's a shame, at eleven I had more to do with Sparta.

How did you experience the other half of the platform?

At ten, I had a chance, two goals. Sparta was in that corner, after which he had the equalizer, he had nothing. The standard helped them and then they struggled because I was ten years old and the boys were very heavy.

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