Wednesday , August 17 2022

Borkovec (18) angry about kid with Knecht (37): It's s * ačka!


"I will be mother". Slovenka boasted an exciting view of the social network, even if she said she was just a tattoo because her pregnant sister was pregnant. But if she wanted to obey herself, her current partner would have come upon her!

The rabbit he knew during the SuperStar show does not want to hear about the children yet. "The child can not even be a speech, it is a complete snake" frowns for the young Extras, who still puts milk on his chin.

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– I do not even have a diploma. I certainly could not be a parent " he added a student to a scholar who now, along with school, is also interested in starting a career as a singer. It would not have really happened to repair the diapers.

But that could be Achilles' heel of his older relationship with Knecht. Even if she does not get to maternity now, biological clocks are inexorable, and in a few years she may have a pregnant weigher. It's hard to say if she chose her well when she fell in love with a bunny by Petra.

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