Thursday , January 28 2021

Calvinist Vortex: The Scandalous Video of Ottawa? This happens everywhere, the Uberu driver is an idiot

Forvard Philadelphia Jakub Voracek suddenly criticized Uber driver, who probably sent a media record to the six hockey players in Ottawa, scoffing one of his coaches.

"You noticed that when Raymond leads a movie, if you care, nothing will teach you, but just comment on what's going on." Even so, defender Chris Wideman spoke about coach Martin Raymond, who is weak in senators.

"And we never change anything," added star striker Matt Duchene. So why do we actually meet? I have not been watching for three weeks.

Ottawa's players debated at the end of October in Phoenix, where they made a successful trip. Now they seem to suggest that Uber was using the city. His driver, a jolly hockey player, shot and broadcast the video later at the media. According to Sportsnet's source, because he received a small lance.

"Who the hell is he interested in? He is an idiot, you have to do your job," said Voráček, the head of the NBC station. "You're the driver I'm taking, so drive, do not try to sell videos to make some money, you better get out, you know what I mean, it's a poor man."

For six Ottawa hockey players, the Czech striker understands: "Every person with a boss, every sports team in the world can guarantee that this happens everywhere and all the time."

"It is the opposite," continued Voracek. "Go for a beer, for a dinner, and it's right now." When the coaches start talking about the players who are behind the who play stupid, which are better, it happens everywhere. (Senators players) they said something terrible, they just talked about the fact that their weakness deserves a while. "

The tentative video on Tuesday highlighted the Ottawa Citizen daily. Senate representatives have already asked the Canadian press to withdraw the record but received a negative response. The letter claims that it is in the public interest to inform the hockey player in secret.

At the team level, Ottawa solved the unwanted situation behind the closed door. He did not make any great effort in the form of Raymond Coach's rejection or the change of one of the six players.

The case encouraged a discussion on privacy during social networks.

"I think it's sad if the company is heading," said Philadelphia goalkeeper Brian Elliott. "Take the uber and go out for dinner or drink, it could best (Ottawa Players) in that evening. It's pretty sad how it happened. Ideally, you act so you do not have to worry about someone shooting you, but it is clear that sometimes you want your privacy. This is the current world of social media. "

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