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Demand for top phones and Apple m pln. Which provider?


The demand for the iPhone is not what they were, but their decision makers do not have the right thing to do. Apple to write the price tags of each phone model and get more streams of music, data or more. Many companies that supply Apple's components but have nothing like B complete. Take what Apple has to say (the sticky market with smart phones) for me has much less consequences.

And we saw it today. With forecasts, Japan Display was the first to show Apple for more than half of its businesses. He was then warned by Lumentum Holdings, who was the main producer for a recognized dress who dreamed of a kind of quarter. And today we have been warned by the British semi-conductors of the IQE Group. Here, a certain amount of money in the pond was covered by a substantial amount of supplies, our company drew attention to profits and adjusted profits.

IQE is similar to Lumentum of VSCEL semiconductor lasers, which are laser diodes used for 3D imaging. British company shares in Cardiff fell by 15% during the month. However, Lumentum shares lost more than 30%, and Taiwan's Foxconn shares fell less than five years. Apple shares fell by more than 5%.

Chief Executive Officer of Lumentum Alan Lowe vera said that in the weak forecast, it is necessary to look for the largest check. According to Bloomberg, Apple is the first Apple, even though Lowe did not call it.

"Apple's supplier of Apple volumes, not Apple, for Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Woo Jin Ho, for the rest of the feed line, increases the risk of toes."

CFO Appla Luca Maestri recently said that the company will not announce the volumes sold because they are not as relevant to the company as two. Apple has extended the phone's usage this year: The company also confirmed that phones slow down the phone to get rid of the battery. After criticizing the saw, the battery was not properly lifted, which prolonged the life of several phones. But the changes are, according to Bloomberg, probably the latest version of the iOS operating system that supports 28 simple tools in "applovsk". These include models that went on sale in 2013. So far, operating system updates have been linked to devices that have been on the market for only a few years.

Devices that can be used to meet the requirements of Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. may be worth the price of their value. Toni Sacconaghi. The US technology company would also help with full environmental protection. And his estimations? The phone change cycle could be extended by 6 ms to 3.2 years. Sales figures could push down, 3-year pens could fall by 6% ron.

From there, the supplier warned. For Apple, however, the phone could mean something else, because it is a good thing the user will pay for his services. For Apple, therefore, it has yielded more than its potential. An Apple supplier Apple paid only as a component, but did not pay for it. So, react to the smartphone market's slowdown, and when Apple does, reduce order or delivery and keep them in the warehouse. But on the contrary, it grows and is cheaper, and Apple goes to the table.

Lep's negotiating position in pricing could be the company created by Finisar and II-VI (depending on the English name, its name is expressed as two or six). For 3.2 billion dollars (the current value of II-VI was about 1 billion today!) It was announced last week. Apples are delivered with apples. However, Finisar invested 320 million dollars in VCSEL laser cutting diamonds and Apple in December last year, primarily in support of laser IP production.

Sources: Bloomberg, Financial Times, Business Insider

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