Wednesday , March 29 2023

Far away, Marek Eben hastened to enter the hospital at StarDance. Serious accidents and hospitalization! Every day, Mom comes nearer


Ms. Šárka Ebenová (90) is a traumatologist at the Motol Hospital. "Mr. Eben comes to see her every day, he is close,"He told Aha, a source of trust." According to him, the famous moderator was preparing for his beloved mother after StarDance.

But Eben did not answer a direct question about mother's health. The traumatological part of the Orthopedic Clinic of the Faculty Hospital Motol takes care of patients with injuries. It is more than likely that Ms. Eben brought her to her and therefore ended up in this department.

What exactly happened, but it is not clear. Marek Eben, according to our information, has overwhelmed the program over the last few days and is fully available to both her mother and her physicians. All Mrs. Eben holds her fingers to make her health problems.

Eben's mother was the sister of the world-renowned composer, Ilja Hurník († 90). Mark's father was also a composer and, in particular, a music teacher and master of improvisation for the piano, Petr Eben († 78). After a long illness, he died on October 24, 2007.

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