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Hřib's age begins, coalition in Prague signed a treaty – ČT24 – Czech Television


Since the October municipal elections, in which nearly five identical groups arrived in Prague, more than a month passed before the joint Pirates, Prague and Prague (TOP 09 and STAN with KDU-ČSL support) announced a final agreement . Five weeks and two days after the elections, the leaders of the three groups, as well as their representatives and signatures, confirmed this.

The first Lord will take Pirat Zdeněk Hřib from Pirat Election Party from Adriana Krnáčová (ANO) and the deputies will have Adam Scheinher (behind Prague), Pavel Vyhnánek (behind Prague), Petr Hlaváček (for the Unique Force for Prague) and Petr Hlubučka STAN / Unique Force for Prague).

"We will undertake a detailed audit of the state of the city now, so that we can specify the status of its current status," Zdeněk Hřib stressed his first plans.

The forces in the council will be similar to those in the council where the strongest ODS is only two voices than the worst DA and all three coalition parties have the same number of seats. In the eleven-member council, they split the armchair into a 3-4-4 report, while the pirates had at least counselors but fell for the mayor post.

Čižinský: It was a lot of shit, we want to be consensual

Coalition leaders condemn the fact that silence does not mean instability and malice. "People have a lot of gossip, so we want to be consensual. We want to communicate better with the city and with the opposition," said Jan Čižinský, the leader of Prague, whom the opposition ODS criticized for not communicating with this.

However, Čižinský did not resign in the council, gave up his ambition to be mayor and, at the same time, accepted the Pirate's condition that no member of the council should hold another function – the constituent assembly of Prague 7 should to confirm her tonight as mayor. The leader of Prague will not be in the council and TOP 09 chairman, Jiří Pospíšil, who will remain in the European Parliament.

So the opposition just stopped. "When someone is elected at the top of the list, he has preferential votes, it is his duty to assume political responsibility and take part in the leadership of the city," ODS leader Bohuslav Svoboda said, who was mayor of better two years.

According to the program statement, the new coalition in Prague will focus on the construction of the city and the outer ring and metro D, renewal of industrial fields or housing development. She plans to plant trees and wants to involve the public more in making decisions.

The opposition, which ends with ODS and YES, however, criticizes the coalition from several angles. On the one hand, they argue that the representatives of the coalition parties do not like and do not like the absence of Čižinský and Pospíšil in the council, and they do not like the program either. According to the DA leader, Petr Stuchlík is unclear. For example, in the field of housing, he believes the coalition does not have a clear vision. "You will prepare a project and it will do it somehow, then they see what works and what does not. It will come to me as a rather vague task," he said.

The opposition will also oversee the activities of the city's leadership, in addition to the assembly, through the control committee. He is the only one whose leadership does not come from some coalition parties, the president should appoint the ODS. The other committees will share the coalition, according to the agreement, the most presidential posts will be at the United Force.

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