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I stumbled across the Stoch, complaining in front of the souk duel duel


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With Me, we talked about it again, it was the year when it took place again after the nominations. What we got out of here, we went and went to jail before we went, I told Souek.

If he does not know what to do, I'll go in. It's still on the go, but it does. We're together in a club in a cabin, but here's bad, here it's empty. After a while we cry again, but it will be back. Kamardi, non-comrades, does not play a role, he added, with a bitch thirty-two years old.

Stoch has recently achieved a great form in Slavia and with nine goals he is the best star of this season of the esk league. He made a seven-accident in the last rounds.

We'll be a little compact. You fell for Slavia, that's what I mean, but it will be different. Hopefully there will be nobody with ants dt gl. And I know enough about how he plays, trying to get back and go. Do not let him do that. I'll give it to him, too, but the train is gone, we all do, Souek said.


Polski zlom Mateusz Klich has the chance to hug the opponent eskho Tome Souk in the match at Gdask.

I think it will be specific. The fans have it here, but it will be elsewhere, it will be against you. But we will not only be prepared for that. I do not even know if I will join. It is an ace against Slovakia, it is not just about it, we know all the boys, said Souek.

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He will return for a while, or you will be a member of the A-tm at the stadium of St. Slavia in Eden.

I looked at Nmeck. I failed, but I left in vain. We have about 1: 2 minutes before gl. Eden was driving at that time, and he said, "It's a good time," Souek said.

He will be on the same level as Slavi. I'll tell you how to make a place like this in Slavia, so I can go home for this, I laugh.

Even if he was born after the division of the esoslovenskei, the fate of the battles is very great. They take it a little different. Even in the league there are a lot of slogans, we can say when the yoke is born, not when the word comes. We take it almost like an echo, we have basically the same language. It is a derby, just as Slavia plays with Sparta, smoked Souek.

Time will be a duel about the city type in the League of Nations teams, which means keeping in League B. Eskmu darkness is a point. The series are no better than kicks. It is also important for the future. And we do that. Let's get in and get out of here, we have a good time, "Souek added.

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