Thursday , January 28 2021

In the Czech Republic, the Kodiaq RS SUV, currently the most expensive Škoda, is the first time for the public

In Lysá nad Labem, on Friday, November 9, a three-day Kola 2018 car show began. At the opening ceremony of the festival, the new Kodiaq RS, the most expensive Škoda car, was first introduced in the Czech Republic.

The new Kodiaq RS was revealed by Petr Janeba, the Škoda Auto marketing manager. The Kodiaq RS was the world premiere at the Paris Motor Show in October, after which, in the opinion of Janeb Škodovka, it never proved.

The basic price of the Kodiaq RS starts at almost 1.2 million crowns, with all the premium features, the Kodiaqu RS with the most powerful TDI in the history of the car can go up to 1.5 million. Begin the sale should be by the end of the year. (See all Kodiaq information here).

In addition to the new Kodiaqu, Lysa also presents other news this year. Volvo at Lysa brought the new XC40, the Jeep shows the new Compass, Citroen boasts the new Berlingo.

According to the director of the Exhibition Center in Lysá nad Labem, Ondřej Matouš, a big draw of this year's exhibition next to Kodiak RS is the new Mazda 6. This year's visit will not exceed 20,000 people, it will be similar to last year.

"We do not expect an extreme increase in attendance, even if the public interest in Facebook feedback can be more interesting," Matthew said.

Classic motor vehicles still predominate in the showroom with alternative background units. However, according to representatives of brands, this will change in the coming years as European emission standards are constantly tightened.

This year's car show is already 23rd. The wheel itself is complemented by Rapid Bike and Tuning Show exhibitions. The tuning show is dedicated to a hall, and visitors can see modified cars that regularly participate in various Czech and foreign contests and events.

One of the cars exposed Friday morning as part of the escort program showed the so-called drifting in the adjacent parking area, that is, driving in controlled overturning. Those interested can also travel in particular and experience the floating experience on their own.

In other halls, race specials are used, for example, at a rally. Part of the exhibition "Rapid Wheels" is a painting exhibition by the artist Václav Zapadlík, who dealt with the drawing of car veterans.

The Lysá nad Labem car show is held until Sunday, open daily from 9:00 to 17:00. The entrance fee for adults is 80 crowns, seniors, students and people with disabilities pay 60 crowns. Children up to 10 years old are admitted free of charge.

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