Saturday , October 1 2022

Ivo Niederle, an actor with small roles in both Major Zeman and Mr. Tau, has died


The report of the death was confirmed to the server by the singer Josef Zíma.

Ivo Niederle, whose death was reported by the daily Blesk, was born in Prague in 1929, graduated from DAMU there and spent most of his professional life in the capital with a short break at the Teplice Theater in the 1950s. In the following decades he worked on the stages in Prague.

He made his film debut in the drama Past (1950), in the 1960s he starred in the comedy Ice Men or in the famous drama Carriage to Vienna, directed by Karel Kachyňa. Later, for example, in the movies Foam and Umbrella, Where the Sun Doesn’t Go, Fists in the Dark, The Story of the Disco, Near the Sky, and Green Horse Thieves.

Its serial history is even longer – it begins with a song for Rudolf III, continues with the legendary series The Sinful People of Prague, then FL Age, Mr. Tau and Chalupáři. There are also the normalizing pieces Woman Behind the Counter and 30 cases of Major Zeman, and in the 1980s Ambulance, Arab, Evil Blood, The Train of Childhood and Hope or Gottwald, a series of communist propaganda celebrating one of the most great criminals and criminals in our history.

He played supporting roles until 2017 and appeared several times in foreign films filmed in our country (Burning Secret or Your Sister is a Werewolf).

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