Wednesday , August 17 2022

Ladislav Vzek took the podium. Wedding in Emer


Ladislav Vzek and his partner Simon (2012)

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Ha was a shame to me. Sparan, who struck all the time, is that? But yesterday I was always here to take care of myself. It is indeed a camaraderie, quotes novella Blesk.

Obad was on the consulate and, according to the ambassador, was his only wedding for the East. Do not look for the daughter of a footballer from the first mistress Pavlna, who is behind me Vladimir Micher.

Ladislav Vzek, a nurse with a ninety-year-old daughter, Viktoria, handed a hand two years ago.

It will be a cheerful party, Simon invites six of the hospital, a footballer, who knows if there are interesting contacts. Look at the darkness. We wanted to do this this year, but because of agitation. I think I'm gonna do this kind of fun in the New Year in 2016.

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