Saturday , August 13 2022

Legendary Lada Vízek married for the second time, the wedding was in Dubai!


the 76-year-old boyfriend put 126 goals in the highest league, and the score did not stop outside the football career. In 2012, he married his second daughter, and after six years was the second. What is the fact that Simon's partner is 24 years younger than him. Lada enjoys life simply, as is typical of his humor that did not leave him the day before the wedding.

"I will do the work very badly, tomorrow I have a wedding" he laughed at the last call when asked about the closest plans.

Lover Cimice, where the wedding was initially planned, was eventually changed for a $ 6 million Dubai and a reason? Instead of an unpleasant winter of warm Gulf temperatures and hospitality with the former head of the union, Ivan Hašek, who for years was in the Sheikh country. At the Czech Consulate, he also went to see him as a witness.

"The Spartan who has taken my whole life, that's it, but, seriously, everything has arranged for me to do everything, is really a friend," he said. he thanked the former Czech representative.

However, do not expect a nerve-filled fever not only with Hašek, but he also has time to look at the Monday derby between the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Šmicer had even renounced his participation in the football prize for the wedding ceremony.

Football, just the legendary "Vizor" on the second runway, will never be redeemed at no cost.

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