Saturday , May 21 2022

Lejla Abbas tells her partner to spoil her: she received a glamorous gift from him! –


"My partner is hurting me constantly, it's very worrying and knows he's not resting now, so he gave me a wellness note in my favorite hotel a year ago." I could not pick the voucher so far, so I'm looking forward procedures and especially when sleeping very well, "praises her partner, the new-born mother Lejla Abbas. She does not think she has time to take care of 4 children themselves.

On the other hand, energetic presenter Eva Decastelo will be happy with her daughter to have a girly evening with a full bath of foam and manicure: "We will spoil ourselves regularly with Zuzanka. Test new natural cosmetics, so we are waiting for many nights of beauty. "

Rene's husband, René, has not even forgotten to say to her after years: "The husband is a bit extreme in this regard. The last time I could not pick a perfume for Christmas, and eventually bought all the eight of them in the game, and even managed to get a part of Japan that was not sold at all, but he can not accept gifts at all. much, "laughs Eva.

A similar problem is the Tereza Budková model. With such a beautiful woman, it is strange that she is not accustomed to being included in expensive gifts. "I think my boyfriend likes to spoil more, but I have a little problem with that. I am particularly happy when I can take care of him," explains Teresa. The model is very tough for herself, tells her she's relaxing in the gym rather than a facial face mask.

On the contrary, model and business woman Romana Pavelková can already appreciate her time for herself. "My husband is a huge gentleman, so I married him, but I'm very excited to take a son on a trip and can do it for me," she admitted sexy redhead.

In the video, remember Lejla Abbas before the birth of the twins! What was her impression?

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