Wednesday , May 31 2023

Looking for a new rental agreement? A virtual tour of an apartment saves time and money


/ VIDEO / Private tours of apartments are the most time consuming to find a rental. Startup Flatio, which offers mid-term rentals from 1 to 12 months, is replaced by a virtual reality. With cardboard goggles available for virtual reality and intelligent mobile, interested people can see dozens of apartments in minutes, not just individual dwellings, but even entry into the house and around their home.

The tour of the offered apartment takes place through virtual reality.Photo: Flatio /

"As if we were in the apartment, these are the most frequent reactions of tenants and apartment owners renting through Flatio. Virtual reality is nothing new, but its practical use beyond the gaming industry has been quite limited. Therefore, Flatio relies on modern technologies that connect with the real estate market, thus moving the real estate business to a higher level, "said Flair founder and director, Radim Rezek.

"We create or search for technological solutions that will make our customers more comfortable in choosing an apartment. We are not the software developers for virtual reality tourism, but we are probably the most renowned among real estate companies offering similar excursions and completely replacing personal tours "he added.

However, virtual reality tournaments are not the only thing Flatio is trying to destroy the stereotypes of real estate agents. Its service, which in addition to the Czech Republic operates in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Austria and Slovakia, is based on simplicity, speed and comfort for both parties, both for the owner and the tenant.

There is no need to make a deposit with Flatium or to sign a paper contract. Instead, it offers an SMS signature or the ability to pay a card with an online card or even a bitcoin. Any change in the rental relationship or the fault report is made electronically simple through the service portal.

The demand for medium-term rentals in Prague is on the rise

Prague is currently the only specialized medium-term housing provider. This type of housing is becoming more and more interested. It is used, for example, by digital nomads, staff moving abroad or by students. Those interested are also people who rebuild their homes and need temporary housing during construction work.

For the first three quarters of this year, Flatio offered more than 2,500 leased months and 50 million rents in Prague alone. Last year, Flatio hired 1,359 months in Prague, an increase of nearly 100% a year.

However, the interest for Flatio also increases from property owners. In the first nine months, the company increased by 60%. They are mostly owners who relied primarily on short-term rentals and now combine the short-term lease or lease agreement.

"Medium-term housing in Prague is mainly successful thanks to the sophisticated owners of platforms offering short-term accommodation. What we know from our co-owners, most of them are short-term rentals, the demand for apartment management, the daily routine of the depreciation of the tenants, the transfer and the cleaning of the apartment, "Rezek explained.

Another factor driving the owner of a short-term accommodation apartment offering Airbnb services is the increased interest of the financial administration. Now, more than ever, attention is paid to the correctness of the taxes and fees paid, which means that they have increased the administrative burden. With regard to medium-term lease agreements, these concerns are no longer relevant. Because it is rental of real estate for the purpose of housing, only fifteen per cent of rental income is taxed.

Landowners also renounce short-term rents due to higher time and financial investment in ongoing real estate, which is no longer the case with longer rentals. "The influx of these short-term tenants helps us increase in the number of leased months, a wider offer suits both homeowners and multinational corporations and corporations," Rezek added.

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