Wednesday , March 29 2023

More than half of people do not pursue their health status, the study was not Medical


PRAGUE 55% of the population does not see their health status and more than one third of the population, about half of them do not fill up in the near future. It is the result of a survey of the lifestyle of people in the business insurance company between the 25-year-old respondent in the case of starch. Approximately about 11% and alcohol regularly. Denn sport the percentage of people.

A total of 27% of people buy healthy food, 48% of people do not limit chocolate and one tenth of a candy day. Food composition is monitored by young respondents rather than those aged 65 years. Diet values ​​have risen far more than average.

The most notable dietary supplements are vitamins and minerals. At least one season is taken by 79% of respondents, daily or tm daily by 18%.

Even on the move and training, the results of the survey were not optimistic. For 26%, people said they had fallen. Denn just sports those percentages of people, many times 21 percent. In this sense, they are against the eny ne mui diet.

m people are stars and more, they sport, even if they need a lot more. There are 43% among them, 40% among them. Peace on the move is about him and 17% en. Between stiff seats there is something about people with mild obesity. The fact that the bag is obviously influenced by other factors, in addition to diet and free movement in the open air, is especially vk.

The study showed that the people of Tina do not have enough sp. Virtual kadenic problems with about nine percent of people. Only 28% of people are that day, but there are many of them. On working days, people are at 6.8 hours at 7.7 hours.

Because 82% of people are regularly in stress and under psychological pressure, 17% of people are kad days or more times tdn. In 31% of people, the minimum is about the rest. Only 30% of people go to meat, wellness and sauna.

People are aware that a healthy diet (88% of people) and active movement (74% of people) are a healthy lifestyle, but in practice it is far from good. It is important for respondents with a healthy lifestyle to have enough sleep and mood (tenth).

People aged 35 and 54 are less satisfied with their lifestyle. The ducats are most satisfied. Food and health problems will not be left to 17% of respondents. At 53%, people are looking for information about healthy internet lifestyle, 28% of television and radio, 23% of family and business information, 18% of people. For ten out of ten at the age of 25, and more importantly, he was stuck in a lifetime. The pregnancy was confiscated in the bag by only 48%.

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