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Novak's novel about Mašín's brothers is a comic noir, painted by Jaromír 99


John Novák's novel about the fate of the Mašín brothers became the subject of a new comic book. It will be called the same as the original prose: so good.

The publication, written by a young artist Jaromír 99, created by a 50-year-old writer, stands out for his novel concept, visual impresiveness and the search that deviates from the original. Cartoons from Argo and Paseka will be released in early December.

"I did not want it to be just another military comedy about heroism in the dark, but rather a sexy story of two boys who got up and were lucky," says Jaromír Švejdík, known as Jaromír 99, known such as trilogist Alois Nebel or as a frontman of Priessnitz and Umakart.

The author of the novel, Jan Novák, took the original book, first of all, as a thrilling vest. The current version of the comic strip is very different. "It's the same story, but this time we look at her from the audience, while in the book I look at it," Novak says. According to him, the comic book libretto is closer to the film script than to the novel. Therefore, the publication of this publication has been accompanied by significant changes and changes. "The story is hooked on a completely different hook," adds Novák.

The book is the second result of Novak's collaboration with Jaromir 99. For the first time, they combined their forces as a comic book writer about Emil Zátopek, who sold about ten thousand copies.

The eight-page Romanian novel, which Jan Novák wrote in English and Czech, published it in 2004, describes the core of the Masin family, who suffered two world wars and fought against two totalitarian criminal regimes, Nazism and Communism.

The first part of the book focuses on Josef Mašín, one of the so-called three kingdoms of Czech resistance during the Second World War. Most of the novel tells about the sons of Ctirad and Josef Mašín, who with Milan Paumer, in the 1950s, mingled from Communist Czechoslovakia to the West.

Novak calls him one of the greatest Cold War stories. The protagonists, who first learned about Miloš Forman at the grammar school in Poděbrady and later wrote a book based on the story of Josef Mašín, repeatedly express sympathy. Mašín and Paumer perceive Novák as a hero and nothing changes the victims of their opponents.

The So Good Book in 2005 was awarded the Magnesia Letter Award. "Novak's interest in critics as well as the prize was the choice of an ambiguous, painful and even more provocative historical subject in the form of a clear episode of action," writes Pavel Janacek in Hospodářské noviny.

According to him, Novák found a way to respond to the interests of a broad audience without undermining and serving social self-reflection. It literally combined an adventurous thriller and a narrative story with a moral-historical urgent theme.

Second Comic

So far, the second month of the second edition of the book, which is based on modern Czech history in comic form, is good. The work of David Jan Žák, the best-selling novelist entitled "The Return of the Bohemian Forest King", was also recently completed. The story about the evasive transformer that became preobrazení Krále Šumavy was elaborated by three artists Karel Osoha, Ondřej Kavalír and Vojtěch Mašek.

Viktor Slajchrt at Respekt reported that the genre of Novak is more suited to the American literary context with the tradition of historical journalism at the highest level of fiction. It does not dismantle the ambition to become a bestseller, the story goes in an amazing way and reads with a breath, Šlajchrt said.

"Masinas's writer, with his family history, has firmly embedded in the complexity of interpersonal relationships and the environment that shaped his nature and decision, creating a great story that created a broad gravitational field where subordinate details were extraordinarily important" , wrote about the novel Slajchrt.

The story of Masinas was very excited about me, people distorted the information in the 1950s. The regime had about 300 deaths, the Communists executed 280 people, says Novak

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