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Nymburk won in front of children's audience, North Bohemia belongs to Ústí players – Ball sports – Czech Republic – Czech Television



21. 11. 2018 21:29,
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Svitavy basketball players defeated Olomouc 85:76 and reached the league table in the third decade before the break. In the derby on the King of North Bohemia, he handed over to Ústí nad Labem 66:76. In front of the home audience of elementary school pupils, Nymburk beat USK Prague (101: 56).

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Ústí Region derby was played by the Děčín competition

Svitavy Turi promised a ten-point lead in the second quarter and the guests settled halfway. After a pause, however, with 13 holes, the opponents again jumped quickly and this time the leadership was not released. Although Olomouc managed to get closer to two points, the next drama was not allowed by the Czechs.

The basketball players from Ustich decided against Decin in the second half with improved defense, in the third quarter they made an advance of sixteen points. The key figure was home to US Army Devente Wallace, who scored 24 points.

"We played Decin with more team performance, our performances grew and we played what we said before the game," he said with fourteen points, Ústí's second best goalkeeper in the match Ladislav Pecka.

Nymburk defeated USK in front of a child audience

Basketball players defeated Nymburk at home USK Praha 101: 56. The youngest spectators in the history of the sports match in the Czech Republic participated in the morning. Nymburk welcomed nearly a thousand children from local primary schools, and the average age of 10.6 years is a new figure written in the Czech Book of Records.

Both teams collided at an unusual time at 10:00 but did not feel sleeping on the ground. In particular, Nymburk motivated a very good atmosphere when the children appreciated each action with a thunderous cry. "It was a specific but amazing game, but I had a noisy atmosphere, but when I was in the tunnel, I was afraid the kids were screaming," said Captain Nymburk Pavel Pumprla.

"He gave us so much energy that we did not even think about playing at ten o'clock," Pumprla said. "It was great, we were afraid not to run out in the morning, but the children created an impeccable atmosphere and forced us to run," Vojtech Hruban said.

After 14 minutes, the defender defeated 25 points due to precise distances from the distance and in peace came to win. "Since the first minute of the house hit every shot, I do not remember the match so much it was not that bad, it was hard to play, especially against Nymburk, who was supposed to be tired, we wanted to run, but he ran over us, "said Ondřej Sehnal from USK.

The public, according to the Hello World Record Agency, 936 9-year-olds and 119 adults, wanted to say about the hundreds who were shot at the end. "I liked the kids knowing that one hundred is something special, they were waiting for it, but they did not know that the punishment punches were just one point, so they started shouting at 99. But it's great because that's the basketball kids" . It would be great to do some sort of action with the goalkeeper, Captain Pumpll added.

Men's Basketball Kooperativa League – Round 11:

Hradec Kralove – Brno 84:79 (25:10, 46:36, 60:54)

Most points: Canda 22, Sedmák 18, Lošonský 15, Peterka 10 – Roby 27, Keely 20, Geiger 13, Stegbauer 10.

Svitavy – Olomouc 85:76 (21:14, 36:36, 62:51)

Most points: Blacksmith 21, Obrien 20, Marko 12 – Douglas 23, Dunans 18, Palyza 15.

Ústí nad Labem – Děčín 76:66 (21:15, 41:38, 62:46)

Most points: Wallace 24, Pecka 14, Svejcar and Sotnar after 10 – Autrey and Carlson after 14, Ježek 11.

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