Saturday , January 16 2021

One hundred liters of water per person per day? Budget of the Office for the Supervision of Members of European Parliament hit –

The Audit Committee did not recommend that Parliament approve the Office's budget. "We believe the budget is significantly overestimated. Mr President (Vojtech Weis – red note.) I could not explain some elements, "MP MP Vladimir Konicek (KSČM) said.

MEPs interrupted, for example, that, according to the budget, every office worker consumes 100 liters of water per day. "A small modesty in this office would be in the office that controls the economy," Konicek said.

Office President Vojtěch Weis CTK said he did not expect anything from the committee. "I rather waited for bigger reservations, I'm not surprised. Our office is an office that's here to avoid people's sympathy and do not tell who it is," he added.

The office also monitors campaign costs

Control Committee Chairman Roman Kubicek (ANO) refused to disagree with the budget with any vengeance of the office being pursued by political parties. "It was over the political spectrum," Kubicek said.

The Committee wants to reformulate the budget and explain why it has such costs. MEPs may propose changes to the state budget by modifying the Office's funding.

The Political Party and Political Movement Supervision Office is operating for the third year. There are about twenty people in it. It checks, among other things, whether the parties adhere to the admissible costs of election campaigns. Funding of the parties was in the past the responsibility of the Chamber of Deputies.

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