Sunday , May 29 2022

Revenues from global energy services rose from 3 to 9.4 billion crowns


CEZ Energy Group's revenue in the complex energy services segment (ESCO) rose from three to 9.4 billion crowns in the first nine months of this year. ČTK said CEZ spokesman Roman Gazdík. He did not declare the value of the profit. Revenues of CEZ ESCO, operating in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, have increased by almost 30% over the previous year, to CZK 3.3 billion. Besides the Czech Republic and Slovakia, CEZ also operates in ESCO and Germany, Poland and Romania.

The largest sales volume in this segment now includes subsidiaries in Germany, where CEZ owns the Elevion group, focusing in particular on the supply and installation of industrial and administrative buildings and Kofler Energies, which mainly design similar projects.

In Poland, CEZ CECO ESCO Polska, Metrolog, and OEM Energy are involved in these services. In Romania, CEZ ESCO Romania and High Tech Clima, which CEZ has recently acquired.

"Germany is the engine of European modern energy and the largest ESCO market in Europe, and it is also the largest contributor of sales in the CEZ Group's ESCO segment." Our total sales volume in the ESCO sector accounts for about half of the German " said CEZ CEO and sales and strategy department director Pavel Cyrani.

CEZ CEO Kamil Cermak added that the company is seeing a growing interest in its services.

"The economy is thriving and companies are investing in measures to help them reduce energy costs, stabilize them, and therefore prepare themselves well for the future." he added.

For example, in Poland CEZ is doing these projects for nearly two billion crowns. These include, for example, renovation projects on heat management, the use of decentralized energy sources or the modernization of public lighting. According to CEZ, the growth of the energy savings segment is estimated at 16% per year.

"Rising electricity prices are a major challenge for the energy-consuming industry and opportunities to provide complete solutions to get the most savings from the customer" CEZ CEKO ESCO Polska CEO Jaromír Pečonka said.

ESCO (Energy Service Company) focuses on the complex energy needs of companies, municipalities and institutions, secures supplies, energy auditing and energy consulting, heat and external sources, or the construction of cogeneration units and the installation of photovoltaic plants. It is also a provider of services related to public and corporate electromobility.

ESCO services are developed in CEZ by two teams belonging to the Commerce and Strategy Division: CEZ ESCO and ESCO International. CEZ ESCO employs over 1,800 employees and focuses on markets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Within ESCO International, CEZ's subsidiaries include ESCO Polska, CEZ ESCO Romania, Elevion, High Tech Climate, Kofler, Metrology and OEM Solar. It has more than 2,000 employees.

The CEZ Group's revenues for the three quarters of this year totaled CZK 129.3 billion. According to the new accounting methodology, it rose by 4% compared to the previous year, compared with the previous ones, it was by 12% less.

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