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Sedmkrt. The best athletes sneak into the Black Milk pvc trio


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The athlete of the year is otgak Ogrodnkov


In season 2018, it was just eny, who entered the psun athletes at the European Championship medal in Berlin. Otpak Nikola Ogrodnkov and walker Aneka Drakon fought back with the bronze marathon Eva Vrabcov Nvltov.

In the polls, however, they arrived in cities 1, 2 and 4. Only the Stank ticket broke the encyclical hegemony.

They all went to the ground, not the declassifiers. The organizers decided to continue this tradition when the athletes themselves deal with the pavek wolves during the festive evening. Thus, in the past, Jaroslav Bba, Petr Svoboda, tafeta Rychleho holek, Barbora potkov and Jakub Vadlejch.

Text psn Sedmkrt

in podk eskch atletek

kissed me
is life, it is a struggle
And that's what I mean
Not the seventh
At seven o'clock.

Chze or bh?
Do not go to the gallop
And so I chose
And let's go slowly
Every seven days.

That's what she knew
And I drank
When it's so strong
In it then marathon
At seven o'clock.

You remember my dad
my father was my father
When I was taken out of the bus
She's back to the boys
At seven o'clock.

I like how it tastes good
And how is a tough patch
And how his teeth crushed
And jump.
Every seven days.

That's what I am
Mma upstairs
you wanted to fuck yourself
To stifle all the way
And you did not want to go
That's what I am

This year's eskch medalist trio was interpreted with the adapted text of the Sedmkrt song, which in 2003 became the owner of the black group of the same name, Tereza ernochov, Tereza Kerndlov and Helena Zeov.

Athletes repeated the text, relying on their range of disciplines and sports. They had less than two days to practice and were given daily for months. On Saturday, they were killed at 12 o'clock, despite the fact that the ceremony took place at 21.45.

I was nervous about the tests, but I was very pleased with it, then the Atletic of the Year by Nikola Ogrodnkov. She was in the past for dances and bad music, her world and her pet in two discos.

At the disco I like dancing alone on the floor of the floor and I do not care.

Aneka Drakon is not a disco but has long played a key. In general, he suffered a curse accident. I searched the bones first and fell down, I just headed to the table at the bottom of the bra, which was pretty funny.

She said, "No one expected us to be professional dancers. When I saw these people, while they were watching me, I was thrilled with the grapes.

Eva Vrabcov, a survey quartet, fought the most with training and choreography. The answer, as it is, answered: filled with the worst in the world.

Lack of genes in genes.

Our family is music and art, lila. And when I was at home, she would do that, laughed at me and said, "Well, you're crazy. You laugh.

When you study in the studio, other sources. It was fuckin '. The girls had a holy trinity with me and I apologize for them. Their power is about thirty percent better than no.

But the end of good, all good.

November 10, 2018 at 22:22, pspvek archivovn: November 11, 2018 at 00:56

When athletes sing (at the Advent of the Year): Eva Vrabcov, Nikola Ogrodnkov and Aneka Drakon – a bay of Lyaka, a motorboat viceboyaka and a biker. Together, they are all medals from ME in Berlin.

In the end I took it, she said when she was sick and came across the blue sky with the help of Gabriela Koukalov.

So her colleague went to rb.Ne communes NikolaOgrodnkov on the road for the prize in polls bury in cable television.

But he stopped. As in the European Championship final.

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