Wednesday , August 17 2022

Skandl Danske Bank has a history


Skandl with the dirty laundry of Danske Bank's money tip has a footprint. Naznail to whistleblower Howard Wilkinson, who today convened a MEP. About this, the pension traveled to the Czech Republic, informed his colleague from Danske, who traveled to Moscow. Bank names are not known, according to Wilkinson, according to Bloomberg.

The Danish bank Wilkinson has helped to uncover the dangers of the financial crisis in Estonia.

After Wilkinson's announcement, public on the Europarliament's Web site, there is a slide that says the scandal reaches eight EU and US countries. The Czech Republic and Latvia are listed in this sludge as the country where the common schisms were operating.

Wilkinson, according to Bloomberg, said that if he had obtained permission from Danske Bank, he could inform the escudes about the details of the matter.

We will share details on how to identify responsible banks, according to Bloomberg Wilkinson at the European Parliament's Special Session on Fraud and Tax Fraud.

Banks in Latvia, who have done so on the basis of prana pinavch penz, are still worried. However, due to problems associated with the persistent environment, it should not be disclosed.

The scandal, according to the first two of Bloomberg, gave rise to the German Deutsche Bank. Wilkinson, who spoke with her in parliament Monday, said that the day, 150 billion dollars of suspicious funds were fired in front of the European border. According to Bloomberg, the situation is primarily about Deutsche Bank.

Sources: Bloomberg,, TK

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