Wednesday , May 31 2023

Slonka and Kubik could go to the Swiss court –


While Premier Babis did not say what illegal behavior the reporters perceived, Effenberger drew attention to two potentially problematic issues.

One is the use of a hidden room and the disclosure of such a record without the knowledge of the actors. In such a case, the Swiss court would decide whether the public interest would have dominated the private interest of Babis junior, a Swiss citizen.

The second controversial act might be getting an entry code in the house where Babis Jr and his mother live.

"The unauthorized recording of an interview with someone who does not know about it, this is given in the Criminal Code, as well as the use of inaccessible code, which is also a criminal offense in the Criminal Code," a lawyer said on the iRozhlas server.

The list of reports produced a legal analysis saying that Czech laws were not violated by filming and publishing the report and that there is a public interest in "clarifying the suspected circumstances of the illegal transport of Mr Andrei Babis, the youngest in Russia."

Babiš's Thursday's announcement was reported by the News Director of the Jakub Unger List. "Of course, we are fully aware of the Investigative Investigation Investigation Program and the activity of reporters. The individual statements of Prime Minister Babis do not see why we should comment more," he said.

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