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Stt launched the latest wave of boiler accessories, cutting over 3 billion euros

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After the New Year, the Ministry of Environment and the Finnish valve of the so-called boiler subsidies. The European Union has an area of ​​three billion crowns. We are responsible for replacing 30 non-organic boilers, to speak with the Minister of the Environment, deputy Dominika Pospilov.

The program will end in 2020. And by 2022, non-organic boilers in the first and second emissions will be fully zakzny. How much a home is such a boiler can only be estimated.

Statistics statistics do not exist. In 2015, their deputy was estimated to 350 tics. So far, the regions have approved 57 tons of wine and 120 canyons have replaced the people themselves without subsidies. The maximum amount to be paid by the owner is 127,500 CZK.

Perjodlovn pension decides individual regions. According to the ministry's prerogatives, people will be able to place a tetin wool pen on spring and summer.

Because the type of boiler the house owner will be able to submit, the ministry will go. According to MF DNES, the bag is probably not related to the boiler, it would be modern to smoke. The first heating of the bricks is the most damaging to the air.

How about the boiler subsidy data?

1 Who are receiving the boiler subsidy?

People are in the family home, which is more than the apartments. Rekreanch does not require subsidies.

2What is the reduction of the subsidy?

The grant will be paid by the boiler with a picnic cycle, which acts as the main source for dm.

3 How is the newest boiler type?

On a heat pump and a nabiomas boiler, and 80 percent of the price. In areas with high air quality, adatel will receive a bonus bonus of 7,500 K.

4 Where can I apply for a boiler subsidy?

On the regional ad. People in the region will set their own rules for drinking and the appearance of enough. Publish information to your web pages.

5 How much money have you totalized?

Nine billion. At first, the type of fission sent the region together est billion, gave billions of fields in the fifth year.

6 How much does the boiler cost?

In the first two waves of the council, the council approved 57 votes. The tether wool is filled to replace another 30 tire boiler. To do this, ron will replace the 30 and 40 tanks of the solid fuel boiler without a dot.

7 Which boiler zake zkonod from 2022?

Those that do not meet the minimum emission standards 3. These are usually boilers manufactured before 2000.

8 How do you know the emissions?

On the energy label or in the boiler documentation. If it is not listed on the energy point, it can be said that it is not allowed to rotate the boiler.

9 Which fuel should not be used at all?

This is the so-called energetic (hruboprach, sms industry), here the bed lignite (lower quality angle), the coal sludge and the spill. We have to devote ourselves to the devil, to hell, to the devil's plaques or leprosy.

Of the taps that the EU shares, they are one of the booths in the booths, they are just for people. But not everyone will receive the subsidy. Applies to family houses, cottages and cottages do not enjoy it. This shows that you have a grant for yourself and for a middle layer.

Sociln weak, for you, it's your likelihood to be top boilers, a good one. Subsidies are completed and are supposed to join. So Stt wants to send some extra money sometime.

He gave billions to a new boiler

The Ministry has given the Ministry of the Environment the situation of ten billion domains, together with the wave of boilers from the arrest of the year in the Moravian-Silesian region for a special pilot project.

His duty is to allow a non-organic solid fuel boiler to pass to a low-income group, said Dominika Pospilov. The region was chosen not only for the sub-population of these groups, but also for the worst, and the pest restraints are repeated.

The project says these people give people a hundred percent and freedoms to replace the heat source. In this way, the ministry wishes to see if the motivated houses motivate the boilers to replace them. Meanwhile, everyone did not get involved in subsidies.

The Kotlkov grant will cover the most easily available potential people who are so active to find out what is happening and there is a financial time, warns energy expert Karel Polaneck of Hnut Duha. According to him, it's about subsidizing people with your fate as well as being in the kind of waves that most people have asked for the heat pump.

Rozen to other regions

Adatel from the Moravian-Silesian region will not get data from the region, as in the case of the chalets, but in the municipality. He does not want to divide the information, nor the type of boiler that will receive the subsidy. About the conditions of use, one says, said the fund Lucie Frblingov.

If it were a pilot project in North Moravia and Silesia, I would go to other regions. For example, if there are several poor social families.

Pensions are among the most popular. Members of the group, the subsidies should be invoices, will not be affected by the grant, Miroslav Andrt, deputy and chairman of the district environmental committee. The cloud of minds is the first people at the poverty line.

He would argue that the grant does not apply only to family homes. It is also a problem of housing blocks, especially in municipalities built in the 1960s by agricultural coaches. So they have outdated the boilers and the support for changing the heat source can be done, dodv.

Heat pump pumps

Kotlkov's subsidy was launched by the ministry in 2015. Since his arrest he has divided nine billion crowns into five waves. In the first wave, the tenant received a combined boiler of coal and biomass.

First of all, people could go and ask for a subsidy for a corner boiler. This type of bag was the least inhale. It was only a third of the house.


Although the coal-fired boiler had to meet the conditions, the ecologist criticized the subsidy for this type of boiler. They have all the beds for fuels that dirty the air.

In the waves, people could only get data on an anchor boiler in combination with biomass. He installed the adatel house in the house. We would have asked if there was no support for the incinerator after the waves, Polaneck hopes.

Boiler boilers must be removed by 2022. Tk boiled on solid fuels that burn coal, devoi or coke. It's not a bag that people could not burn with these fuels in years. The oven can boil in the boiler, but only this boiler must meet the nzkoemisn standards.

High-emission boilers are not ready to go. Starting in 2014, only third-class boilers could be listed on the market, and your emissions are tda, tm ekologitj boiler is. Since the year, conditions for the seller can only be offered by boilers from the fourth number.

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