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Šulaj and Šupina – two men completely naked


Uherské Hradiště culture 22. 11. 2018
Šulaj and Šupina - two men completely naked

Photo by Jan Karasek

The Slovácké Theater began to prepare the genius comedy of French playwright Sébastien Thiéry, two completely naked men. Lukáš Kopecký, who will collaborate with the Slovak Theater for the first time, took the lead. At the same time, a new subscription for 2019 will begin, which this time follows the slogan "Come on a play!".

"It's a sitcom. There will be an unexpected return in the middle of the game, but it's still funny," said director Lukáš Kopecký, who is currently a tribal director of Czech Radio Brno, and collaborates with theaters throughout the country.

The game describes a funny plot when a successful Parisian lawyer and a loyal husband wakes up on a naked day next to his subordinate at the law firm. And he's empty. None understand the situation. The audience can expect the concert of Tomáš Šulaj and the newcomer to Pavel Šupina. Klára Vojtková and Petra Staňková will play the following roles. The premiere will take place on January 12, the first theater subscribers will see the first comedy.

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