Friday , March 31 2023

The largest stock market in Germany. Get the entire investment bank –


Both entities are aware of the details of the acquisition. However, representatives of the Bitcoin Group SE have indicated at least that they have paid the seven-digit euro amount for the investment bank. Theoretically, the transaction value can range from 23 million to 230 million crowns, but it should be tens of millions.

Buying an investment bank is a much more important step for bits than it would seem at first glance. The exchange obtained a bank license, allowing it to move from the virtual environment to the real world.

Now, thanks to a bank license, the company can now start using ATMs designed especially for cyber coins in Germany.

One of the safest exchanges is one of the largest encryption exchanges not only in Germany but also across Europe. Unlike a wide range of competitors, it is regulated by the German state financial institution BaFin, which makes it one of the safest exchanges.

Tremmel's acquisition by Tremmel will allow Bitcoin Group SE or to expand its business.

Bitcoins and other virtual currencies

There are a lot of virtual currencies. One of the oldest and currently most popular are bitcoins. They were born in 2009, but more popular in recent years. This currency has been created so that it can not be influenced by any government or central bank.

Cyber ​​coins are a "computer network of specialized software programmed to release new currencies at a steady but steadily decreasing rate. The number of coins in circulation is expected to reach 21 million around 2140.

Bitcoins and other cryptoscopes are enjoying great popularity first and foremost as a means of investment. However, courses often fluctuate. The European Banking Authority has even warned consumers that unregulated virtual currencies pose a great risk. Their deposits are not protected in any way. [celá zpráva]

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