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Tomáš Klus baptized the gold album and calmed the situation –


Tomáš Klus is on the tour for the album "Spolu". The opportunity to go to a national holiday in Prague was offered by Karin operator and he accepted it.

"However, it will be an important concert for me because the date corresponds to what I'm trying to get into society, it's a community consciousness and the responsibility for what we are going to do. together with the audience on such a big day, "he told Pravo before the Saturday concert.

He added that during the evening he did not intend to show any particular political affection. "On the contrary, I have the feeling that there are quite a lot of reactions and tense situations regarding the political situation we are in. I think the situation must be a little calm, despite the same quarrels and shouts we can not even hear that everything is the same, living in a harmonious society. Talk to each other, but do not argue, "the composer explained.

Tomáš Klus enjoyed the concert.

Tomáš Klus enjoyed the concert.

PHOTO: Lucie Leva

Such a big concert, as happens in a long-term Karma Forum, must be well-prepared. That's why Klus did not arrive on Saturday or the city center.

"I had passed, but I was not in the center. They told me to have been built in the Karlín forum before going to the exam, so I could not go to the national class to light a candle," he said.

The current Tour Tour praises. Most of the concerts are sold, and if not, the audience comes at least in abundant numbers.

"There are 21 songs in the album and 21 new, often long and extended lyrics, many people are singing new songs. I tend to play all the albums, which is the case with the album, and I also understand that people prefer to play even older songs, so the concert program has about thirty-five songs and it seems hard to get under three hours, but people are from the beginning to the end, "Klus said.

Guitarist of the target group, Jiří Kučerovský, became the godfather of the album.

Guitarist of the target group, Jiří Kučerovský, became the godfather of the album.

PHOTO: Lucie Leva

"After the last song, which is Mantra, I still come on stage and try to get people to go. It's hard to do," he added.

Loading in three hours

The Saturday concert lasted three hours. It would be shorter if there were not a few moments when Klus improvised singing on a subject that just fell from heaven or among the songs becoming a folk narrator of a point that is sometimes unreasonable.

Very bold was the fact that the program was mainly composed of the songs of the new album. Occasionally, many audiences did not have so-called news under the skin, so they listened, and after the doctrine of the song, she sometimes responded a little lukewarmly.

However, the song of the new songs plays amusing as well as the members of the target group. As with the elders, they were also sympathetic to their interpretation, interpreting them with concerted precision and overlap. Time will tell which of them will survive in the setlist, but that moment will be quite difficult due to the balance of the last album.

Tomáš Klus and Jiří Kučerovský have played together since 2007.

Tomáš Klus and Jiří Kučerovský have played together since 2007.

PHOTO: Lucie Leva

Several songs have come with her husband to sing Tamara Klusova. At the beginning of the show was baptism of the album, in the middle of it was presented a video for the play Adventures and eventually received Klus and his band a gold plaque for the album Spolu.

Finally, it seemed that the audience did not want to leave the room, so Klus played the guitar only with a guitar.

Tournament with the Philharmonic Orchestra

In the spring of next year, he will continue the tour of the album "Spolu" and is also preparing for Slovakia. In the summer, they will go to the chat rooms, a tour that will take place in a hat, and besides the game they will discuss the questions of time with guests who have something to say about themes.

"In the autumn, we are planning a tour with the Janáček Ostrava Philharmonic.Today we select three songs from a new album that our bassist Jan Lstibůrek arranges to join a big orchestra and adds to the already performed ones.We also want to record an album with the Philharmonic, which I am looking forward to. It will not be a concert record, we will return to the studio, but all together, alive, "added Klus.

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