Wednesday , March 29 2023

3 people detained for possession of heroin drugs in Badr


Al-Shorouq and the Bader Prosecutor's Office have ordered the detention of three people accused for 4 days in custody for possession of heroin drugs for trafficking in the town of Badr.

During the inspection of the security situation in the Badr district ring area, men from the anti-drug investigation managed to arrest Abdel Rahim AH, 28, unemployed and executed for drugs and sentenced to three years, Hisham, 27, unemployed and "Ahmed S", 24, were unemployed while in the number of ND 9516 microbus vehicles.

Examination showed that they had a quantity of heroin powder weighed 207 grams, the amount of 355 pounds, 3 mobile phone.

They have been accused of possession of narcotic drugs for the purpose of drug trafficking and the proceeds of their illicit and mobile phone proceeds to facilitate their contact with customers and vehicle to facilitate their movements.

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