Friday , February 3 2023

5 ways to prevent scabies infection in schools need to know


The group of children in the class determines transmission of infection among pupils, including scabies, caused by the eight-foot insect which is not seen with the naked eye called insect or moth and transmitted by direct contact with the skin of the infected person, causing some symptoms after two months infection Skin rash and itching and other symptoms, so we know in the following lines the most important tips to be followed to prevent scabies, according to the site "verywellhealth":

– The best way to prevent scab spread is to avoid taking or using the tools of a family member that shows a scab skin rash on his skin, itching until he is completely cured and warns children to respect these instructions.

Scabies in children

– Pay attention to washing clothes and mattresses by opening the house windows, especially in the morning, for ventilating bed linen.

Clothes cleaning

– Avoid sending a scabie infected child to school so that it does not spread disease among students with the need to follow home treatment methods.

– Parents should pay attention to the child's cleanliness and observe the appearance of any symptoms that indicate the incidence of scabies such as itching and redness of the skin, and immediately go to the child with a doctor to ensure the incidence of scabies or not.

Wash your hands

– When cleaning the vacuum cleaner, the mother has to completely wash the container to prevent the scabies causing insects to spread.

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