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An event in the Happy Country celebrates a birthday in the Theater for Peace


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Sunday November 11, 2018 – 17:26
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Sunday November 11, 2018 – 17:26

The team celebrated the birthday of the hero of action, Alaa Quqa, in the theater of peace. The director of the work, Al-Gharabawi, surprised the heroes of the work with Christmas decorations.

Mazen Al Gharabawi posted Christmas photos and commented: "Every year, you are all right, dear, every year you are our professor and professor, every year you are a creative genius, an extension of the generation of adults and masters. model for all students and your representatives in Egypt. Every year and you are in luck. "

This year Alaa Quqa won the "Best Actor" Award at the National Theater Festival for a play by Musafir Lail, performed at Hanager Theater, playing the lead role in Walid Youssef's "Happiness in the Land of Happiness" , Medhat Tikha, Alaa Quqa, Hassan Al Adl, Sayed Al Roumi, Mohamed Hosni, Fatima Mohammed Ali, Usama Fawzi, Abdel Aziz Al Tuni and singer Wael Al Fashni.

The Arabian actors Rasmem Mansour from Iraq, Khadouja Sabri from Libya, Nasreen Abu Saad from Lebanon, a group of youngsters, design and decoration made by Hazem Shabel, designed by Karim Badir, Marwa Odeh, and 3D mapping Salah Salah, directed by Mazen Al Gharabawi.

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