Monday , October 18 2021

Artist Ibrahim Nasr reveals for the first time stories about the hidden program of the room


Egyptian artist Ibrahim Nasr revealed his return
To offer the "hidden camera" program again after the absence of a few years, saying that:
"This will provide a new color of laughter in this program, far from manufacturing and the dumps produced."

"Nasr" during his meeting
The "New Day" program on the screen, news "tomorrow", that
The idea of ​​producing the "hidden room" came as a coincidence, stating that the head of the second channel
At the time, at first, he rejected the notion of "hidden room" But Suheir al-Atrabi, the head of Egyptian television,
Approved "hidden camera" as soon as possible.

"Nasr," the audience said
My real character is revealed at first, despite makeup, explaining that it was necessary to make a mask
Complete Zakia Zakaria character so that it is not revealed by the public.

"Nasr" has revealed the most prominent shooting scenes
The "hidden camera" program, stating that the incarnation of the "Hanan and Bent"
It was not hard for him.

And the most difficult positions encountered in the program attracted
"Nasr," this one The most difficult position they face
In the "hidden room" on the day the butcher kept it in the fridge.

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