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Details of public-sector investment in telecom companies


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Of the Constitution, Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

Egyptian Public Sector Ministry invests in the Egyptian telecommunications sector, the volume of telecom investments has reached 5 companies, of which the first is Telecom Egypt with a total investment of 18 million LE, 11.9 million LE for Misr Insurance and 7.3 million LE for "Egypt for life insurance".

The value of business investments in the second Vodafone company is 1.2 million LE for Misr Insurance Company and 0.12 million EGP for Misr Life Insurance Company.

The Orascom Telecom, Media and Technology (ORTE) investments in the third company are EGP 0.4406 million, Misr Life Insurance is LEI 0.15421 million, and Raya Holding for Technology and Communications is the fourth-largest business business of Raya Holding for Technology and Communications. , 52 million LE. And EGP 2.1672 million for Egypt's life insurance.

The company's fifth largest investment, Global Telecom Holding, is 1.2168 million LEE for Egypt Insurance and Egypt for life insurance of 0.21294 million LE.

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